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Hello Again

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It has been a while, hasn’t it.

Ever since COVID started I have let this page flounder because I had nothing to say, or more like nothing worth saying. I can honestly tell you now that I’m disappointed in the very low death rate that lovely disease caused because that means that there is a much worse one coming. this threat does not bother me, but it should. After World War I thousands died of Spanish flu, but Spanish flu didn’t start in World War I, it started before. The deaths after it was the result of people not caring because they were jaded by the war, by the death, and by the people who are dying of many diseases including Spanish flu.

COVID has cause the same kind of apathy. There have been many diseases in the last year that are ignored. There have been many children who have died if a strange, undefined, virulent respiratory infection. Yet no one cares. I wonder if anyone will begin to realistically deal with the way the planet is rebelling against our constant attacks. I wonder if I will live long enough to see mankind grow up to the point where they can take responsibility for their descendants.

I do not believe they will.

But on the bright side Vladimir Putin is dying and shitting himself all at the same time. And a better Inc. for such a fuckwit for quit cannot be had. Donald Trump has had his taxes revealed to show his absolute incompetence and business, with money, and as a human being. I should take pleasure in both of these, but both of these are examples of the failure of mankind to grow the fuck up.

thanks for taking the time to read this, there really isn’t any reason to post it, but I wanted to say it. Sometimes I feel like my voice is lost as if I (like the rest of you) have no value, no purpose, and no hope. I know that is an illusion. I hope you see your illusions too. I hope you find the strength to speak your story even when no one is listening.

Oh, if you’re one of those hacking fuckwits do me a favor, stop fucking your mother’s dog, isn’t it having a bad enough time fucking your mother?

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